"I'm on a quest to generate joy, beauty, and collective freedom."

Dea Jenkins is an interdisciplinary creative, founder of Dea Studios, and the Executive Director of Inbreak.

Dea is an award winning artist originally from Houston, Texas. Dea's art practice spans multiple fields, including visual art, performance, and film. She has exhibited nationally and internationally, and is currently developing multiple multimedia projects.

As the recipient of three fellowships and multiple artist grants, Dea has fused her art practice with a deep love for research. She has a dual master's degree from Fuller Seminary with an emphasis in Theology and the Arts.

In addition to her art practice, Dea is also an entrepreneur, an independent curator, and the Executive Director of Inbreak, a community of artists working at the intersections of art, faith, and social healing. Her love for creating expands beyond her individual practice to include crafting spaces for others to explore their own creative journeys.

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